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IG application allows participants of events conveniently and interactively perform tasks and provide answers. Performing tasks and answering questions depends on users’ location thus mobile location functionality is used. Events can be organized in various locations as the application continues working without an internet connection.



beMED is the first Medical Application in Lithuania. It provides medical staff with easy and convenient access to complex medical forms, scales, and classifications.

Būk Detektyvas

Būk Detektyvas

„Būk Detektyvas!” is a location-based application which allows users to travel and discover interesting places. It is possible to have an account, share the experiences and compete with the others. This application also uses image editing technologies creating the possibility to compare future and past images in real time.



Using data from the battery insurance smart contracts, proof of concept has been demonstrated for the insurance protocol and the workability of the platform. IoT and smart device data has been used to develop a working insurance product on the Testnet Ethereum environment and has been implemented for Android apps.

Summerburst Baltic

Summerburst Baltic

Summerburst Baltic ’16 is an application for the international music festival. This application follows the modern design guidelines to reflect event’s brand and spirit. The users of this application can follow social network activity of the organizers and artists. Additionally, it is allowed to set reminders for your favourite performances and receive important notifications. Location services are also used to enable easier navigation in the territory of an event.

Radistai Village '16

Radistai Village '16

Radistai Village ’16 is a new version of the musical festival application. It gives the organizers a possibility to always keep the schedule up-to-date and notify users of the changes. Moreover, it displays the social network feeds to keep in touch with the organizers and artists.

Radistai Village '15

Radistai Village '15

Radistai Village ’15 is a music festival application. Using the application users can conveniently check the schedule for all the events. Moreover, it is possible to set reminders for your favorite performances and receive important notifications about it. This application contains originally designed event map which shows user’s location and convenient information.

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Džiugas Jagminas

Proven experience of video/movies making, graphic design, photography, and advertising as well as designing websites and mobile applications.

Povilas Staškus

iOS Developer with a history of both managing and delivering projects. Experience from communicating with clients and prototyping, to developing and maintaining mobile applications. Gained experience delivering products in sports, banking, and retail industries while leading teams in the process.

Naglis Žemaitis
Naglis Žemaitis

Experienced Android Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Kotlin, Java, Xamarin, Gradle, popular mobile technologies, libraries and Agile Methodologies. Improved skills by developing and supporting mobile applications in a bank, smart home systems, and graphical design industry.




    Great strategy starts with raising the right questions, understanding the motivations and feeling the emotions. ItWorks Mobile Team connected the dots from insights to define detailed goals to achieve even more and faster than expected!
  • Virginijus Savukynas

    Virginijus Savukynas

    There are employees or partners, that work only then when you pressure them. There are also professional teams. One of them is “ItWorks Mobile”. The most important thing that I got was not only professional programming but also a very serious attitude towards the projects. I think that working together with them is one of the best things that can happen to your project.
  • Darius Devenas

    Darius Devenas

    Partnership with Naglis helped us to start out product from idea till working product in Google play store. Aigang team is very thankful for continuous product support and development.
  • UAB, Ideju Grupe

    UAB, Ideju Grupe

    Responsive professionals with a serious approach to work. And they are fast. Faster than we expected and that is exactly what you need when you are full of ideas. You can’t go wrong with this team.

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